Was There an Underlying Christian Theme in The Hobbit?

December 18th, 2012

Hobbit - Baggins3 Scholars Share Their Opinions on Tolkien’s Christian Themes in The Hobbit

Many are aware that Tolkien was a Christian writer. Some may have even heard that ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘The Hobbit’ both have very Christian themes throughout the books and movies. Below are 3 scholars sharing their theories on how Tolkien’s infamous novels are based in Christian worlds, with characters that bear Christian attributes. These characters associate with how we live today, battling good versus evil. Do you agree?

Dr. Ralph Wood at Baylor University, Author of The Gospel According to Tolkien said;

Viewers should look out for the chief evil in The Hobbit. It’s the same evil that comes across in the Lord of the Rings, and it’s not the common evil we are used to. And that is the evil of greed, of always wanting more. And for Tolkien that’s the chief evil of the modern world. We are a people obsessed with more… …with Bilbo being described as the “thief in the night”. And of course, Tolkien as a life-long Christian and a very well read man, knowing his Bible back to front couldn’t have written those words without obviously eluding to Christ’s teaching about the second coming, Christ calls himself the thief in the night. So why did Tolkien call Bilbo the thief in the night? Not because Bilbo is some type of Christ character in an allegorical sense, but as the only character who is able to break the lock jam when there’s an impasse between the dwarves in the lonely mountain and the men of Lake Town. Someone needs to break that lock jam. And Bilbo does that by offering up his 14th share of the gold and the treasure … he yields it up, he doesn’t claim what is rightfully his and in that sense he sacrifices himself. He doesn’t insist on his rights, and that I think you can say is Christian Attitude to take.”

Dr. Michael Ward of Oxford University, A C.S. Lewis Scholar & Author of Planet Narnia said;

I’m more of a C.S Lewis scholar than a Tolkien scholar....

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