Christian T-Shirt - Every Knee
  • Christian T-Shirt - Every Knee
  • Christian T-Shirt - Every Knee

Christian T-Shirt - Every Knee

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Christian T-Shirt - Every Knee

Type: Classic

Every Knee T-ShirtEach of the symbols used in this design represents a world religion. (from left to right) the ancient Babylonian Pentagram, Zen Buddist Enso, Rastafarian Star, Yin & Yang of Taoism, Egyptian Ankh, Star & Cresent of the Islamic faith, Jewish Star of David, Islamic symbol of Allah, Druid Awen, I Ching, Hindu symbol of Shiva, and Christian Ichthus. It is a popular modern world belief that all religions serve the same god but call him by different names. This is a straight up lie.

More than ever the world needs to know that there is only one true God.

You can not call him any name you want. But you can call upon him.

Every Knee T-Shirt

Product Information :

• Gardenfire trademark premium brand fashion classic fit tees.

• Loose fitting, 6.1oz 100% cotton appealing to the traditional Christian t-shirt wearer.

• Our Christian T-shirts let you proudly wear your Faith anywhere you go. 

• Perfect blend of Christian ministry and Style for any vibrant Christian. 


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