Funny Christian T-Shirts

Christian Tee Shirts Communicate Spiritual Truths

Wearing your witness through Christian clothing with life-saving messages can plant seeds that could ultimately lead a non-believer to faith in Christ. Since it only takes 3 seconds for someone to read your shirt, the message shared needs to be clear and moving. If the people reading the messages on religious t shirts don’t get the point immediately, the opportunity is lost.

Funny Religious Shirts Can Start Conversations

If a message can make someone smile or ignite their curiosity, it can be a natural means of starting a conversation. With the intent of capturing the interest of others, we inject humor, wit or irony into the messages on our shirts, so the words will be pithy and easy to remember. For instance, one of our Christian tee shirts is red and white, has an image of a cross and looks like a typical lifeguard shirt. But ours has a caption that states "Lifeguard: Mine Walks on Water." The use of wit in writings can be a thought-provoking tool.

Our Religious T Shirts Inventory Provide Variety

We carry an array of colors, all perfect for wearing with jeans. For these who prefer a fitted rather than loose style, we offer those as well.

Ways to Save On Religious Tshirts

Share the life-saving message of Christianity by wearing our religious tshirts, which are designed to elicit thoughts concerning spiritual matters. Visit our Facebook page at Facebook.com/ChristWear to get a chance to enter some fun contests. View our youth Boys Christian Clothing selection as well!

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